Welcoming the UI changes in AX2012

Like most of the newbies of AX2012, i had a perception about AX2012 that it is clumsy UI and the forms are packed with controls. But, after working with the application for just a week i got adopted to the new AX2012 and liked it very much.

Well, there are few interesting UI elements like Form parts, Fact boxes and Fast tabs etc…which changed my perception.

Why these are interesting..?
Let us see the below screen shot: Procurement and sourcing > Purchase requisitions >All purchase requisitions

Purchase requisitions List page

In the focused area of screen shot, you can see the segregation of the purchase requisitions which are requested for me, prepared by me, assigned to me etc., and also the overall summary of the statuses of purchase requisition. How many are approved, drafted, In review, etc…

This area in the forms is auto updated and thus without running any report or triggering an inquiry, one can see the needed information all the time.

Some other forms and needed information that is available is as below.
All vendors list page – Top 10 vendors and related information of the selected vendor
All Purchase order – Net amount of purch lines, Open Invoices of the vendor who is selected in the current PO
Purchase requisitions details form – workflow Reviewer details, related documents like PO or RFQ

I just named a few forms and few controls but there are many such things in the UI which made the work efficient and easier..probably that is the reason MS came up with the title “Powerfully simple”.

In this Initial post I just want to create the positive impression on AX2012 and will be updating interesting functionalities in procurement and sourcing soon.


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