23 thoughts on “Problems in Bank Reconciliation in AX2012

  1. Serge, we should look at this problem in two angles. i.e.

    1) whether the ending balance that is entered by the user is correct.? If it is not, summing up the transactions that were reconciled in that particular statement and changing the ending balance with developer’s help.

    2) Because of the problem explained, user couldn’t have got chance to reconcile a transaction which is really appearing in his statement. System might haven’t allowed to include tha ttransaction due to discrepancy in the “Unreconciled” field. If that is the case the transaction which is supposed to be reconciled, need to be included in to that statement using a developers help.

    Select the specific transaction this is to be included and fill in the fields in tab “Bank reconciliation”. i.e., Bank account statement date, bank statement, cleared, reconciled.

    Including the transactions into the statements as per physical bank statement will resolve the problem which is nothing but redoing the reconciliation from back end.

    Please work on the test environment to ensure this is working. Let me know if you need any further help.


  2. Dear Sunny

    I face reconciliation issue, the problem is the value of Un reconcile field is zero & still reconciliation button is disable, first time I face this issue in AX2012,

    Can you please help me?


    • Hi MS,

      When the unreconciled field is “zero”, you must see the button enabled. I noticed some refresh problems in that form, try saving and refreshing the form. If the problem still persists, i can be reached through my skype Santosh.kumar2827.

  3. Thanks for your reply, tell me one thing shall I run Consistency check against bank. I will add to you in Skype…my skype ID is msohail_2002.


  4. We are now facing the same problem MS had: the unreconciled control shows a zero, but the button is disabled. Upon further research we identified that we actually have a remaining amount of 0.0006 unreconciled. It looks like something went wrong when AX calculated some of the sums, but we couldn’t pinpoint the exact source of the mismatch.
    Any thoughts?


    • I think you must have done any customization to consider 4 decimals probably that is impacting. The unreconciled field normally considers two decimals. I suggest you increase your ending balance by .0006 and you can go on.

  5. Hello Sunny

    I face reconciliation issue, with the ‘Original Document’ which is empty for all client transactions, for the vendors transaction the Original Document is showing up, but the invoice number doesn’t appear.


    • Hi Sara,

      The transaction you are referring, is it a Vendor Invoice or Purchase Invoice? also, if you can provide me some screen shots and little more explanation probably I can help you out.

      • Hi Sunny,

        Thanks for your reply, for the transaction i’m referring to a “”Customer Invoice Payment””. Well i’m trying to reconciled a bank account ‘ABC-1’ :

        1- In the “Bank statement form” that is opened, i enter the Bank Statement date, Bank statement identification and the Ending balance. (OK)

        2- When i click the Transactions button which will list all the un-reconciled transactions of the corresponding Bank (OK) but:
        1- “”Check number is not appearing!””
        2- When i click on ‘Original document’, “”the form showing up doesn’t contain any information on the customer invoice!””.

        *So the reconciliation operation is working, but some informations are missing .
        *Sorry but i couldn’t put some screenshots.


  6. RE: Advanced Bank Reconciliation AX 2012
    We are not importing bank transactions for now. When doing our first reconciliation, we are unable to edit the ending balance on the bank rec screen. We noticed that the Advanced bank reconciliation is enabled but grayed out under (Bank Account, under Reconciliation FastTab). During testing, this was disabled and we were able to enter ending balances to test bank reconciliation. Can you please tell me how do I disable this again? Thanks so much!

    • I think you shifted to “Advanced reconciliation mode”, check whether you enabled “Advanced bank reconciliation parameter” under Bank account details>Reconciliation tab.

  7. Hi All,
    please help me , i need to disabled the advanced bank reconciliation checked box , since our client checked the box by mistake , and we tried to return it back to the original status, but unfortunately we couldn’t, Is there any way for that.


      • I always read the documentation that you CANNOT turn off advance bank reconciliation once it’s been enabled. What are the pitfalls of turning it off from the back end and is there anything else that will need to be turned off? Thanks!

      • Sorry Lunani,

        Never got to work on turning off the Advance bank reconciliation. So, I don’t want to do a guess work here :). Once if you solve this problem, please do share your research details. I will be happy to publish that on your behalf.

        All the best 🙂

  8. Hi, I need some help with advanced bank reconciliation I did the full setup for importing bank stamen, but when doing bank statement info log screen appears with 0 files imported is there anything missed?

    for the inbound transform I used BAI2CSV-to-BAI2XML then BAI2XML-to-Reconciliation in order.


  9. Hi Sunny

    We got a problem on reconciling a bank account, acutely we have put a wrong date on Bank statement date field for example instead on 24/07/2014 inputted 24/08/2014 and unfortunately it is reconciled, could you please let us know if there is any way to un-reconciled this or we could correct the bank statement date?

    • Hi Nizamuddin,

      You would need to correct it with a developer help. ask your developer to update this date in Bank reconciliation table and also there will be a field in Banktrans which holds the reconciliation date, get this also updated. Try this in your test box first.

  10. Hi Sunny,
    Your blogs are really awesome step by step explanation.
    Here with Bank reconciliation i wanted to understand how this auto reconciliation will work.
    When i click “reconcile after import” bank job is able to create a bank statement with Open Status.
    Will it do stmt validation automatically. or i need to validate manually?
    if it validates automatically will it also run the matching rule automatically?

    Reconciliation needs to be done by the user?

    I have one sample BAI2 file format but in that i could not find where to enter “To Date” for stmt. Also can i import ending balance from my BAI2 file format if yes please help where provide same?
    Can you share a sample BAI2 file format if you have ?

    • Hi Sangeetha, Thanks for visiting the blog and I’m happy that you like the posts. For auto bank reconciliation, you would need to define the matching rules and matching rule sets.

      Later, during the bank reconciliation, you will be able to run the “Matching rules” which is like a trigger to match the statement and your bank trans. If not, you can also use an option “Reconcile after import” during the statement import. This can automatically reconcile.

      I would recommend you to read a blog

      Regarding BAI2 sample, I would recommend you to write to Microsoft partner services to get a sample file.

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