AX2012: Mobile Apps

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AX2012-Mobile apps

Enterprise Mobility is now the buzz word in organizations as it enables the employees to access data anywhere, anytime instantly.

It is not only limited to just empower the employees of the organization, but also the organizations want to leverage the mobile apps to reach to the customers and increase the Sales in all the possible ways.

Today, I would like to take you through available mobile apps and drive you on how you can have these apps configured for your customers.

I believe you might have already know that AX2012 has some interesting Mobile apps, but, how many of us implemented these for our customers?

There are few common questions that come up when we think of mobile apps.

– Do we need to have windows Azure to have the Mobile Apps work?

Microsoft values the infrastructure costs that the organizations invested. So, the organizations can leverage their on-premises installations and still use the mobile apps for their needs. Having the “service bus” created in the windows Azure account is enough to use the mobile apps.

– What about the cost on configuring the service bus on Windows Azure?

The cost of configuring the service bus depends on the Data that will be transferred from Azure service bus to On-premises AX.

The cost is minimal comparing with the value addition that the customer gets. Let’s think of below value additions that wows the customer.

-Ability to approve all the documents on the go. No need to open the AX client at all.
-Having all the business information on finger tips anywhere anytime through Business Analyzer App.
-Empowering the employees by giving the expense and Time & Attendance apps where the employees can submit the expenses on the go.

These are a few advantages that come with the standard apps available. But, you can give amazing value additions to your customers by developing the apps to addresses customer’s pain areas.

Below article on the cost of “Azure service bus” would be a great help for those who are interested.

– How to start the configuration of Companion Apps?

Use the below link to download the white paper on setting up the AX environment for companion Apps.

Mobile Apps on AX2012:

Use this link to see the available mobile Apps and other information related to the available apps.

Information on developing new Mobile Apps:

FAQs on Companion Apps:

Dynamics Business Analyzer App:

Recently, I’ve downloaded Dynamics Business Analyzer app for windows8 OS. That’s really awesome to see such amazing apps are coming on AX. I strongly suggest you to download it to use it for your customer demonstrations.

You can download the app in the windows store and that app is available with demo data which means just download and demonstrate. You will be able to show the amazing graphs of decision making data that helps CEOs or CFOs.

Note: The app is available only for specific countries. So, I suggest you to change the region settings of your windows 8 OS to “US” and then search your app store.
I believe you enjoyed reading this post and hope this helps you in using mobile Apps on AX2012.
DAX to the MAX.



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